We consider Space, Economy and Environment as a main theme of the Third Global Conference on Economic Geography. Under this theme we propose special sessions which will be voluntarily organized by the participants of the conference:

 Global Financial Crisis
 Green Growth and its Spatial Implications
 Aging Society and Economic Space
 Urbanization and Economic Development
 Local Development in a Globalized World - Issues and Implications
 Creative Cities and Regions
 Regional Innovation Systems
 Regional Economic Resilience
 Remapping the Global Production Space
 Digital Convergence and Spatial Reorganization
 Revisiting Industrial Cluster Policies
We also invite papers on any of the themes of economic geography and welcome proposals for additional themes and papers to be incorporated into the final program.

Thematic options include :

 theories and discourses in economic geography
 evolutionary economic geography
 culture and ethnicity in economic geography
 gender and economic geography
 consumption and economic geography
 retail and wholesale geography
 finance and economic geography
 geography of service economies
 organizing industrial spaces
 labor geographies
 geographies of creative class
 global mobility of the highly skilled
 comparative dynamics of emerging markets
 resurgence of traditional markets
 development geography
 geographies of international trade and investment
 dynamics of urban and regional development
 geographies of economic transitions
 alternative economic geographies
 neoliberalism and economic governance
 economy and the environment
 digital economies in the convergence age
 transportation and logistics in a global market
 histories of economic geographies
 methodologies in economic geography
 uneven geographies of global capitalism
 innovation, learning, and communities
 rural and resource economies
 agricultural products geography
 tourism geography
 place marketing and regional economy
 the future of economic geography