June 2022
7th - 10th
Dublin, Ireland.

Call for Papers

Under the umbrella topic “Territorial Development”, Trinity College Dublin & University College Dublin invites you to participate in the sixth Global Conference on Economic Geography 2022 to be held in Dublin, Ireland.

The submission portal is now closed. We have received almost 1,000 abstract submissions! Thank you!!!

Session Themes & Leaders

  1. Evolutionary Economic Geography & Spatial Economics. Silvia Rocchetta (Dublin City University) & Andrea Mina (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa)
  2. Geographies of Knowledge Production and Knowledge Flow, Iris Wanzenböck (Utrecht University) & David Rigby (UCLA)
  3. Production and Consumption Geographies. Neil M. Coe (National University of Singapore) & Jana Kleibert (Leibniz IRS)
  4. Financial Geographies. Janelle Knox-Hayes (MIT) & Dariusz Wójcik (Oxford University)
  5. Geographies of Organization, Networks and Management. Majella Giblin (NUI Galway) & Giulio Buciuni (Trinity College Dublin)
  6. The Changing Geography of Tasks and Skills. Rikard Eriksson (Umea University) & Frank Neffke (Complexity Science Hub Vienna and Harvard Kennedy School)
  7. Environmental and Sustainability Economies/Geographies. Christian Binz (Eawag, Switzerland) & Lars Coenen (HVL, Bergen and University of Oslo, Norway)
  8. Digital & Platform Geographies. Lizzie Richardson (Goethe University) & Matthew Zook (University of Kentucky)
  9. Urban Economic and Planning Geographies. Jennifer Clark (Ohio State University) & Francis Owusu (Iowa State University)
  10. Geographies of Inequality. Sébastien Breau (McGill University) & Neil Lee (LSE)
  11. Development Geographies. Jim Murphy (Clark University) & Wenying Fu (Northumbria University)
  12. Geographies of Peripheral, Remote and Northern Regions. Andrey Petrov (University of Northern Iowa), Joan Nymand Larsen (University of Akureyri) & Chris Southcott (Lakehead University)
  13. Economic Geography Otherwise. Nick Lewis (University of Auckland, NZ)

Special Sessions