Welcome to Cologne

Cologne is one of the largest and most popular cities in Germany. The fascinating Gothic Cathedral, the River Rhine, the museums, and numerous top events attract almost 115 million visitors every year. Most of them are greatly impressed by the “savoir vivre” of  the residents. 

Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, Cologne Cathedral is Germany’s number one attraction with more than six million visitors annually. From here, almost all the city’s numerous sights can be reached on foot. These include twelve Romanesque churches, which are truly outstanding examples of medieval architecture, and museums of worldwide importance, such as Museum Ludwig and the Roman-Germanic Museum. For those with a sweet tooth a visit to the Chocolate Museum is a must. Shopping streets, malls, and arcades invite visitors to shop and take a break in trendy cafés. The Old Town and the picturesque Rhine promenade are full of  colourful gable-ended houses typical of the region.

Besides its cultural and historic importance, Cologne is an outstanding location for learning. With approximately 100,000 students at 14 state and private universities, Cologne is the third-largest university city in Germany. With more than 48,000 students, the University of Cologne makes a huge contribution to the furthering of research across all disciplines..

The Cologne way of life is inviting. Residents say that “Cologne is a feeling” – the best way to find out what they mean is to visit the city.

For further information on the City of Cologne, please visit www.cologne-tourism.com.