Sports for economic geographers?

After so much brain work, at the end of the last day of the conference, we would like to offer you some sports activities. Indoor soccer fields as well as badminton and tennis courts will be waiting for you so that you can stretch your legs.

We will meet at the registration desk at 15:15 (after the welcome reception); the facilities are available from 16:00 - 17:30 (tennis only until 17:00). Please remember to bring your sports kit; you can hire racquets at the sports centre for 2 € (badminton) or 3 € (tennis). The fields are located at the Kautz Sportcenter, Rhöndorfer Str. 10 – 13.

As it is not possible to borrow towels in the Sportcenter, please bring a towel if you want to take a shower after the games.