Information on lunch procedures


Your conference ticket includes two lunch vouchers for July 25 and July 26. You will find them with your conference badge. These vouchers will allow you to have lunch, namely one meal and one drink, in the university’s refectory UniMensa (Building 5: Mensa/ Canteen).

How to get to UniMensa:

The refectory is directly behind Building 3: Hauptgebäude, beyond the green belt (in the direction of the station Köln Süd). The walk (from the main campus/ conference venue) will take you 5 to 10 minutes.

Please take a look at the map of the University Campus (here) or towards the back of the programme book.

How the UniMensa works:

  1. Once you enter the UniMensa, you will find yourself in the refectory foyer, either on the ground floor or first floor (depending on where you enter). You will see screens displaying each day’s menu.
  2. The menu is also available here.
  3. Please choose one dish of your choice. You can choose vegan/ vegetarian/ non-vegetarian dishes.
  4. Please see where your dish of choice is served. There are four different sections: MG Nord, MG Süd, EG Nord and EG Süd.
  5. The four sections are distributed on the refectory’s two floors as follows:
    • Section MG Nord: first floor
    • Section MG Süd: first floor
    • Section EG Nord: ground floor
    • Section EG Süd: ground floor
  6. Depending on which dish you chose, please go to the corresponding floor and follow the signs to the right section.
  7. On entering your specific section (MG Nord/ MG Süd/ EG Nord/ EG Süd), please take a tray.
  8. There are several serving counters for each section. The dishes served in each section will be shown on screens in front of each counter. Please follow the sign to the counter of your chosen dish where you will be served by the refectory staff.
    • Please bear in mind that your meal may also include a salad/ dessert/ side dish. If this is the case, this will be stated on the meal description on the screens (either “Salat”/ “Dessert” or both). You will find your salad/ dessert/ side dish already prepared in little bowls next to the counters.
    • If you decide on the “salad (and vegetable) buffet (self-service)”, this means that you can have a plateful of salad/ vegetables of your choice. Please take a plate and help yourself, bearing in mind that your plate has to be weighed at the cash desk!
  9. Please find drinks in front of/ next to the cash desk and choose one.
  10. At the cash desk, please hand one of your vouchers to the staff. Each voucher will cover one meal plus one drink!
  11. Past the cash desk, you will find cutlery, glasses, and napkins as well as salt and pepper. Please sit wherever you like and bon appetit!


If you need any further explanations, please do not hesitate to ask volunteers or members of the organising team (in blue t-shirts)!

Menu overview and Overview on allergens + additives:


Mealtimes are shown on the menu overview. You may of course decide to have lunch before the conference lunch break.