Information on paper presentations

1.    Please look up your presentation time and location prior to the conference in the detailed programme.
2.    We would ask you to be present at the session venue at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start in order to upload your presentation on the laptop.
3.    Laptops (Windows 10) and projectors will be available in every presentation room, in larger auditoriums microphones will be available. Volunteers will assist you with uploading your presentation. Please bring your presentation on a (virus-free) USB flash drive in MS PowerPoint format (.ppt or .pptx).
4.    Please do not use animations so as to minimise compatibility problems and please only show jpeg illustrations.
5.    Please note that due to the time restriction of sessions, personal laptops cannot be used for presentations.

You do not need to send your presentation in advance or upload any file prior to the GCEG 2018.

-    look up presentation time/room
-    be there 15 minutes early
-    bring your presentation on a USB
-    presentation format is .ppt or .pptx
-    jpeg illustrations

-    no usage of personal laptops
-    no use of animations
-    do not send your presentation in advance
-    do not use formats like .odp or prezi

Thank you for your understanding!